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The Human Resources Menagment System has functionality for definig the organization structure and inserting or updating the personal informations for the employees. It also has functionalities for keeping records about working positions, education, experiences and absences (annual vacations, illness, maternity etc.) for the employees. The Aplication has automatic generation of documents such as employment contracts of specified or indefinite period of time, solutions for annual vacation etc. with opportunity for background review. All reviews could be transform in .xls, .doc and .xml format and have ability to sort and filter the displayed data based on parameters entered by the user. The function for direct communication between the manager of human
Human Resources System
resources through e-mail with all of its employees with the opportunity to submit any document solutions and contributes to rapid, high quality and coordinated communication. All application solution offers functionality for automatic nothification of special events such as birthdays of employees, expiration of employment contract, etc. with automatic delivery of notifications by e-mail. Also, application is integrated with salary software solution.
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