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The CBMIS Solution is web based Management Information System for automatization of the following MLSP and SWC’s business functions:
  • application, determination and assigning of cash benefits (Benefits module)
  • payment and financial management (Financial Module) and
  • statistical reporting (Statistical module).
   The function of the CBMIS, determination and assigning of cash benefits, determine any type of cash benefit available under a Social or Child Protection programs by filling an application for assistance (Application for assistance module), than by checking if the claimant is eligible for any right (Benefits determination module) and
Cash Benefits Management Information System
automated case follow up procedures (Module for assigning of benefits). When the claimant applies for Social/Child Protection benefits, CBMIS perform a process of validation of the declared information. CBMIS allow exchanging of electronic data for verification of the claimant’s status in order to decrease paper work and burden on the applicant for obtaining and submission of hard copy evidence and automate the whole process. The payment and financial management is a complex function which is performed by the strict legislative rules and involves several institutions (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Social Welfare Centers, Post Bank and Post office). This module also have automated budget planning, execution and controlling of funds availability, planning of expenses and control of expenses that enable MLSP to have clear insights in real time of each MLSP account and of the financial management practices of the SWCs as well as to have unique FM among the accounts. The data from the system, entered while passing through the processes of application, determination, assigning of cash benefits and financial management, is used for producing of statistical reports which give a ground for monitoring, evaluation, simulations and forecasts of different social and child protection policies.
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