About Us
About Us...

    InterWay is a company specialized in providing IT consulting services, applications and technology solutions for the financial information management. Our client base includes banks, brokerage houses and other financial institutions, corporations and individuals. Founded in 1994, InterWay has grown into a key solution provider of the Macedonian banking and brokerage industry.
    In developing our products, our marketing specialists and engineers have always understood the need to anticipate market developments and to recognize trends early. The will to excel, extensive knowledge of the financial information industry and years of experience have enabled InterWay to develop solutions amongst the most state-of-the-art on the market.
    Our core competence lies in extensive technology and financial knowledge, as well as wide range of technology-based solutions designed to meet the needs of financial professionals, banks, companies and private individuals.
    Five key factors distinguish the InterWay’s qualifications:

  • Extensive technology knowledge of wide range of IT Platforms, Operating Systems, Database Systems and Development tools;
  • Extensive financial knowledge of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems, Banking Sector, Trading with Securities, Pension Systems, Money Market and SWIFT Technology;
  • Experience and knowledge in Cards Processing Services;
  • A well established network of contacts in organizations that work with financial services in Macedonia and worldwide;
  • Knowledge of existing Financial Information Systems in the Republic of Macedonia and the area of Southeast Europe;

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